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Recertification Application

Thank you for being a part of the AAC Academy community! 

This application allows you to apply for recertification with your animal partner for two years. Recertifications are required every two years so that you continue to assess you and your animal partner's health, wellness, and engagement in AAC. This form is due June 30th of the year your certification expires.

To apply for recertification, you will need the following items:

  • Recertification Fee - a fee of $75 covers administrative costs for recertification; pay this fee PRIOR to completing the Recertification Application on the Registration page
  • Continuing Education (CE) Documentation - copies of CE certificates that comprise a minimum of 6 hours of AAC-related professional development
  • Animal Health Screening Form - completed and signed by your veterinarian; download the form at: Animal Health Screening Form
  • Professional Liability Insurance Policy - your professional insurance should cover the practice of AAC; upload the document showing your dates of coverage
  • AAC Attestation Form - acknowledging that you will abide by AAC Academy certification policies; download the form at: Attestation Form

Please complete the information below and upload the forms listed above.

Write your name as you want it to appear on your card. Do not include degrees or licensure.
Shown on your AAC certificate
We will send your card to this email address.
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Recertification Forms

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Recertification Survey

After submitting your materials, please allow three weeks for us to review documents and email your recertification card. AAC recertification is valid for two years.